About Us

Over dependence on Oil has made a lot of people to pay less attention to our Agricultural sector.

About Us

Vision begets mission. Earnthrill Nigeria Ltd was started to fill a sector of the economy which is quietly being laid aside by the youth of our nation. Since capital is one major excuse for non-involvement we came up with the CRROWD FUNDING strategy to help interested individuals. (Crowd funding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people.)

Over dependence on Oil has made a lot of people to pay less attention to our Agricultural sector. Also the advent of technology has made a lot to focus on the technological way of getting things done and few are interested in going the old route.

We identified this and considered getting more people interested in agriculture by coming up with a program that will catch anyone’s attention and create awareness in the agricultural sector.

With our program more people can read and have access to information on some areas of agribusiness that they can benefit from. Our partnership with local and International partners on the modern ways of getting things done gives us an edge to bringing better life to the nation.

A team of professionals with Mr. Demeji Fasola as the CEO were inspired to start this ventures in order to align with the vision of the Federal Government led by President Buhari on Agriculture which is “to work with key stakeholders to build an agribusiness economy capable of delivering sustained prosperity by meeting domestic food security goals, generating exports, and supporting sustainable income and job growth”.

Our Vision

To integrate 20 million Nigerians to the agribusiness economy with minimal commitment educating and empowering them using the specially designed crowdfunding program while providing food for the nation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to form a community of people who will venture into Modernize Agricultural ventures through crowd funding from the community. This will foster the drive to curb world starvation , providing food and wealth for the people. This we believe will become a global venture to solve food scarcity challenges. We are open for partnership with international bodies and local organization to actualize our mission.

Our Projects

We are a highly compliant company; we align our activities according to government policies. In the light of this to foster economic growth our main project is in Agriculture, ranging from animal husbandry to crops and exportation of Agricultural produce. Members can willingly partner with our projects and earn passive income monthly.